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UCAN, a forum seeking to bring together trade unionists, specialists, Tenants and Residents Associations and anyone interested in organising campaign against the cause of poverty in Britain and raise public awareness. 

UCAN's aim is to connect with people, discuss social issues, and promote campaign and bring about awareness of such campaign issues for the well-being of disadvantaged communities. 

UCAN has come above as a direct result of concerns of trade unionists, tenants, workers and benefit claimants in East London who are struggling due to Universal Credit and austerity - hence, the title: Universal Credit Action Network.

UCAN representatives have shared platforms with the National Trades Union Congress, Unite the Union, Positive Money and Institutes of Money Advisers Forums and other reputable organisations.

UCAN has delivered educational training programmes on universal credit, specialist high quality speakers and facilitated discussion in many parts of the UK based on its campaign experience.  


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Former Debt Adviser secretly tells UCAN of MaPS contract

Due to fear of being penalised by their employer,  a former debt adviser secretly explains working under Money Advice Pension Service (MaPS) contract. ' MaPS very nearly broke me, and I had to leave debt advice altogether in order to have a quality of life. ' 'The MaPS contract, and in particular its nonsensically onerous DAPA requirements, ended over 20 years of dedicated service with an organisation I had expected to retire working for. The MaPS contract nearly destroyed my physical and emotional health, and that of other long-term, incredibly hardworking debt advisers, who were also left with no option but to change their career direction after 10-20 years and leave to work for other charities or housing associations. The MaPS contract turned both debt advisers and clients into faceless commodities; it was all about the numbers without consideration for the impact its unrealistic and unachievable DAPA requirements have on both debt advice staff and, as a result, clients.

UCAN's Response to Parliamentary Inquiry on Universal Credit

UNIVERSAL CREDIT ACTION NETWORK   CORONAVIRUS IMPACT: A LESSON FOR US TO LEARN   Universal Credit: the wait for a first payment  - an Inquiry  Response to the Parliamentary Committee’s acceptance of evidence to call on Universal Credit:   The wait for a first payment —— ‘TO WHAT EXTENT HAVE THE MITIGATIONS THE GOVERNMENT HAS INTRODUCED SO FAR (E.G. ADVANCE PAYMENTS) HELPED TO REDUCE THE NEGATIVE IMPACT OF THE FIVE WEEK WAIT FOR UC CLAIMANTS?’ UCAN’S RESPONSE: A SUMMARY Universal Credit Action Network (UCAN) believes that a reduction from six to five weeks waiting period has not made any significant improvements to the financial position of claimants on Universal Credit (UC).   Peobody Trust, one of the largest housing associations in the country, mentioned in its published report in October 2019:  The Impact of Universal Credit , which outlines that 76% of Peobody Trust tenants on UC are in rent arrears. It also stated that five weeks waiting period ha

Benefit Sanctions: Help Shape a Fairer System

Public Law Project calls for insight into benefit sanctions. Do you have experience of benefit sanctions? The   Public Law Project   is researching the barriers that claimants face when challenging benefit sanctions.  As part of this we are keen to speak to:   ·            Benefit claimants   who have been sanctioned by DWP (either recently or in the past) ·            Advisors   and other individuals who have experience of providing advice or other support to sanctioned claimants. Taking part would involve a one-off phone or video call with PLP’s Research Fellow, Caroline Selman, to hear about your experience of the sanctioning process.  Your insights will be used to help shape a strategy for improving access to justice for claimants who have been unfairly or unlawfully sanctioned.   Further information, including how we ensure the   confidentiality and safe processing of any information you provide , is available on our website here :